Our Kids Bedroom, with Green Foam Water Decoration

20 Mar

I read an online newspaper. In an article written that there are certain games are categorized for adult and improper consumed by children. The game contains scenes of murder, sex, and bloodshed that is only feasible consumed by people over 16 years. Very dangerous if those games like that consumed by children under 16 years.
There are several types of games, such as EC (Early Childhood), E (Everyone), E10 + (Everyone 10 +), T (Teen) and M (Mature) that are intended for gamers over 16 years.
Game categorized M usually contains scenes of murder, bloodshed, and also had sexual content that has been censored. One of them is Mass Effect 2.
From the data reported by GameSpot, Friday (18/03/2011), of a total of 1638 games released throughout 2010, 55 percent of them categorized E. While 21 percent filled by T, 18 percent for E10 +, 5 percent for M, and 1 percent for the EC. Although the game that can be consumed all people are already quite a lot, but we must have to accompany our children when playing games. This is so that they do not play games that are not worth playing by them. For more safe, it should be the technology to play games don’t put in their room. This is so that we can monitor their activities while playing games.
Talking about a child’s room, I have an examples of a child’s room. This I got from the internet. In order not to saturate, then the room is given a fairly bright colors, namely green and yellow. The basic color of this room is white, but if not add another color, the room will seem monotonous and looks boring. On the wall was given the green circles. If we consider, it’s water foam. Not only that green, the curtains green too. These colors give a fresh impression.
To save space, two mattresses are placed in one room. For those of you who have more than one child, this will benefit for you. I can’st describe this room further because I am not the designer. Hopefully this is useful for you.

Our Kids Bedroom, with Green Foam Water Decoration 1

Our Kids Bedroom, with Green Foam Water Decoration 1

Our Kids Bedroom, with Green Foam Water Deecoration 2

Our Kids Bedroom, with Green Foam Water Deecoration 2


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