For Baby: A Perfect Bedroom

18 Mar

After the earthquake and tsunami, this time Japanese residents worried by the danger of radioactive radiation as a result of the explosion of a nuclear containment at Fukushima nuclear power plant. Now, The plant workers and police are being busy cool the nuclear reactors are disrupted following the devastating earthquake yesterday. They were watered with sea water at nuclear reactor. This effort forced them to do because they do not have appropriate treatment to solve this problem.
Many foreign nationals fled Japan because fear of being exposed to radioactive radiation. In response to this issue, the prime minister of Japan stated that Japanese people do not panic and deal with the situation in hand to overcome this ordeal. Many fear that the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986 happen again in Japan. very terrible indeed. But Japan may still be fine. May the rising sun country is able to rise again after the big earthquake hit their country.
Far different from the unrest that was sweeping Japan, I will talk about the baby a comfortable bedroom. Surely we want to give the best for our babies, including in terms of room design. Indeed, the baby can not yet understand about the condition of her room. However, every parent will surely provide the perfect happiness for their children.
This room I get from the flickr site. Hopefully this will help you in designing your baby’s room. These rooms are beautiful, seen a few shelves that adorn this room. Some accessories such as dolls, chairs and coat hangers can we put there to beautify the room. The walls are black and white. Both these colors seem simple but it looks very harmonious when combined.

For Baby: A Perfect Bedroom 1

For Baby: A Perfect Bedroom 1

As in the previous room, this room is also suitable for baby’s room. The walls black and white color, the combination of this colors is very beautiful. Mattresses for baby is white and yellow color. The ceiling color matching the color of the mattress. This yellow color provides a more cheerful shades for this room.

For Baby: A Perfect Bedroom 2

For Baby: A Perfect Bedroom 2


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