Minimalist and Simple Bedroom Design

9 Mar

Having a comfortable home is the dream of every person. Having a comfortable room is also very desirable lot of people. As soon as I saw this room from the internet, I immediately think, that I need to share with the readers of all because it looks very comfortable.
But for those of you who like a spacious room, the room is not suitable for you. Although these rooms are not so broad, it’s very comfortable to live, is primarily a convenience rather than with broad or tidaknnya a room. Looks like this room located on the second or third floor of the house. This is evident from the railing next to the bed. These rooms are very simple, not much furniture in there. There are only a bed, chair, small table to put the decorations. On the small table was placed flowers and lights. It looks very beautiful. The walls of this room is white. While the bed is blue and white. Room floor is covered with gray carpet. The combination of these colors create a very beautiful shades. I can not describe it further, but this may be one source of inspiration for you in designing a room, especially if you want to take advantage of room in your house.

Minimalist and Simple Bedroom Design

Minimalist and Simple Bedroom Design



One Response to “Minimalist and Simple Bedroom Design”

  1. Bedroom Design July 5, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Great, its simple well layed out and looks like it saves space. Like the idea i might try to develop on it.

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