Sweet Teen Bedroom

4 Mar

Tensions again struck the countries of the Middle East. this time massive demonstrations hit Libya. An estimated 6,000 people were killed by physical attack that occurred there. More severe, although his condition is very severe, president Qaddafi has not come down from his post. He just wants to maintain his rule until the death. Very sad indeed because of the many victims who fell. But I will not discuss it further. But let us hope that the conflict was quickly got way out of the best.
This time I found the teen room design. These rooms are very sweet. The walls are reddish brown. Some furniture such as cabinets, desks and shelves are white. The bed was very sweet. The combination of colors in the room was really very sweet and graceful nuances.
In addition to reddish brown-walled room, I also found the teen room whose walls are green. Arrangement of rooms and furniture selection is very sweet and very fit with the character of children or adolescents. There was a window there. This window can help to change the air in the room.
Then I also get this room design of the site flickr. The third room is very sweet. The color of the walls are really nice. It was blue. The bed is white, blue and brown. This room design was very sweet. Hopefully you can mengsinpirasi.

Sweet Teen Bedroom 1

Sweet Teen Bedroom 1

Sweet Teen Bedroom 2

Sweet Teen Bedroom 2

Sweet Teen Bedroom 3

Sweet Teen Bedroom 3


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