Elegant Bedroom Design

2 Mar

I am not the designer of this room. I just find it from the flickr site so I do not quite understand how the point of view of this room seen from the science of architecture.
These rooms is very elegant. The wall of this room is white, while the bed is purple and black. I really like the color of the bed. The combination of black and purple colors create an elegant feel on a thing. Two wall lights located on the right and left side of the bed in color matching the color of the bed, which is purple and black. It’s very beautiful scenery. The chair is black and very beautiful blue drawers adorn this room. While the floor of this room is brown that seemed to have faded. This is very harmonious blend with other colors in this room. Hopefully this can inspire for those of you who want to design a room.

Purple Elegant Bedroom Design

Purple Elegant Bedroom Design


Let us examine this room bed. The bed is white elegant. It was very beautiful, pretty, and certainly elegant. For those of you who like luxury, I feel this bedroom design is right for you. In addition to white, brown pillow too. Table next to the bed white and brown. On it were light brown seat and some decorations such as photographs and hours. This very beautiful decoration adorn the rooms.

White Elegant Bedroom Design

White Elegant Bedroom Design



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