Brown Simple Bedroom

23 Feb

Comfortable rooms are not alaways luxurious. As long as the arrangement and selection of appropriate color and taste, I think the room is comfortable to live. Indeed it is not complicated simple. We are easier to manage.
Like the room which I get from this flickr site. This room design is simple. But the arrangement and the colors are very fitting, so that makes this room pretty impressed. I found two different rooms. But, both are dominated by brown color. Window curtain on the first room is sweet brown, his bed is also larger. While in the second room, window curtains blue with a bed smaller.
The existence of windows in this room making the air more easily changed so that the room fresh. Some furniture, such as room and wall lights add a beautiful room. A timber at the second room make this room seem classic. It serves as a table. Very artistic is not it? The arrangement, color selection and furniture of room 2 is very precise, so that this room looks classic but very beautiful. While the second rooms seem more modern because of the setting. The one that makes it different is the carpet. Carpets in rooms 1 is flower motive, that look more festive. Room 2 plain carpet leading to the classic shades.
Maybe for you that will be or even designing a room, you can consider the election of carpet that will be used. The carpet will be patterned or not. Because this will affect the feel of the room is going to cause in the future.


Brown Simple Bedroom 1

Brown Simple Bedroom 1

Brown Simple Bedroom 2

Brown Simple Bedroom 2





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