shades of green room

13 Jan
green and white

green and white

Maybe now you’re want to redesign your room, hopefully the picture I found in this flickr site can provide inspiration for you.
This room shades of green. This room walls green and white. white bed with a little green. This color combination is harmonious and generate fresh nuance to the rooms. for those of you who like something fresh, I think the design of this room can be one of inspiration for you.


blue and green

blue and green

I can not describe much of this room. I just get it from sites on the Internet. but because its design is good, then I feel the need to share the experience with you related to this room.
domination color for this room is blue and green. Preferred colors are bright colors. bedcovers and curtains blue, while the green wall. some furniture such as cupboards and shelves of books arranged neatly. simple design but still looks beautiful. very suitable for those of you who like simplicity.


green and yellow

green and yellow

This afternoon I get a design drawing room again. I found it on the flickr site. actual design of this room is very simple. not much furniture in there. but very nice blend of colors, the colors green and yellow. bedcover yellow with polka-dot motif. very funny in my opinion. lamp in the corner and a wall painting in this room sweeten. apiknya arrangement of rooms make these rooms look very comfortable to be sleeping.


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