beautifull and bright

12 Jan
walls made of wood with a round shape

walls made of wood with a round shape

This afternoon I returned to find examples of beautiful room designs. when I opened my flickr site, I found a picture of this unique room. This room is very unique in my opinion. This room has artistic value. see walls made of wood with a round shape. we can see the scenery outside the presence of some of the glass doors. This room seemed fresh and artistic. very appropriate to unwind when the end of the week.


gray bedroom

gray bedroom

I can not describe this room a lot because I am not a designer. but if we pehatikan, this room seemed soft. bedcovers, wall, and the sleep light gray. color selection is very calm and create the feel of intimacy. beige wool carpet very nicely decorate this room. light coming from the window to make the lighting in this room feels very soft.


white and blue

white and blue

Room design that I found is very beautiful. bed white and blue. very harmoniously blends with white walls and white curtains and blue. Room arrangement is very simple but modern impressed. existing window on one wall allows light into this room. hopefully drawing room design that I found it useful for you.


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