sweet and modern

11 Jan
ketipung shaped ornament

ketipung shaped ornament

This morning I was looking for room design at several sites on the Internet. then I found a picture of this room design. I like this because its design is simple. bedcovers andpillow white, and blue. ketipung shaped ornament yellow make this room seem sweetbut still sederhan. windows with white curtains make this
room a lot of light.
light brown fur rugs

light brown fur rugs

When I searched for design drawing room on the internet, I also found this picture. hopefully I get this picture can inspire you. bedcovernya black with a large plaid. brown walls and white. a light brown fur rugs beautify this room. that there are a few paintings on the wall causing the artistic nuances. various existing furniture and color selection makes this room a modern fit.
sweet rooms layout

sweet rooms layout

I find this design drawings on flickr site. I really like the design and color in this room. I hope you also feel the same. I hope I get the room design is to provide extra for those of you who are want to design a room.
The walls of this room a soft blue. curtains and white bedcover very harmonious blendwith the color of the walls. Room layout was very sweet. ranging from curtains thatdecorate the windows until the arrangement bedcovernya. very sweet is not it?


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