contemporary bedroom

10 Jan
calm and gentle room

calm and gentle room

This morning I returned to find pictures of the rooms are modern design and finally I found the design of this room. This room light because of the large window on one side of the wall. bedcovers, pillows, and the calm green walls. whereas some other furniture, such as brown couch. window curtains and bed lamps are white. These colors are very harmonious blend and create the feel calm and gentle for this room. hopefully I get a room design is useful for you.



luxury bedroom

luxury bedroom

The first impression I felt when I saw this room is elegant. selected color to red bedcover is elegant. divan dark brown. brown-colored carpet and walls are golden brown. combination of these colors create the feel of luxury and elegance. I am not the designer of this room so I can not describe it too much. But, for those of you who love luxury and elegance, I think this room design is right for you.



brown, green and yellow

brown, green and yellow

Design drawing above is the result of a design done by Bill Stewart. This room nuanced calm and gentle. blend the colors are very harmonious and compatible. tdurnya place yellow and green are very harmonious chime in with some other furniture which color matching, such as carpets and curtains. brown and yellow walls. look very pretty right? hopefully the design rooms of Bill Stewart is to provide inspiration for you.


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