Modern and Elegant Bedroom

9 Jan
modern bedroom

modern bedroom

For readers who are want to design a room, good room design that I received this can provide inspiration for you.
I do not quite understand about the architecture so that less understand how to design this room when viewed from the science of architecture. clear, room design that I have just found this very elegant and modern. very harmonious blend of color and harmony. walls and ceiling are designed so good. furniture that was there menambh modern impression for this room. This room light because the amount of light entering through windows.


mix of white and gray

mix of white and gray

Room design that I found this very modern. arrangement so that the color is very simplebut does not reduce the modern feel of the form. not much furniture in there, so theroom was simple. mix of white and gray are very harmonious and simple. somepaintings on the walls make this room feel more colorful. hopefully this room design isuseful for those of you who want to design a room.
dark brown, light brown, and white

dark brown, light brown, and white

I think the people who designed this room is very smart because the design is verynice. as someone who likes to design room I really like the design of this room.hopefully this is also felt by the reader when looking at the design of this room.
Color selection is very elegant room, which is dark brown, light brown, gray and white.bedcover white, some brown-colored chairs, and curtains are also a light brown veryharmoniously blended with other colors. carpet is gray with white at the edges add the sweetness of this room. a large window on the side of the room makes this roombright. some sleep lights located on the left and right side of the bed and left in the corner adds an elegant feel.


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