purple bedroom

8 Jan
purple bedroom 1

purple bedroom 1

For you lovers of the color purple, I think I found the room design is suitable for you.
This room is dominated by the color purple. bedcover and purple walls. some paintingson the walls make this room look elegant. that there is a window on one wall makes the room seem more bright. may be useful.
purple bedroom 2

purple bedroom 2

Maybe now you’re need inspiration for your room design. hopefully drawing room design that I found it useful for you.
This room is very elegant design. purple bedcover very harmonious blend with the color white that dominates this room. several pieces of existing lights make the roomfeel dim lighting adding to the feel of intimacy in this room.
purple bedroom 3

purple bedroom 3

I found a beautiful room design. bed cover and the walls are colored purple. twoshelves of books are placed on the right side and left the bed to beautify this room.seem cheerful design makes this room suitable for teens room.
purple bedroom 4

purple bedroom 4

One of my relatives ask me about the design of the rooms are nice and pretty. then Ifind examples of room designs as they wish. I finally found the design of this room.
The color purple dominates this room. bedcovers, wall, and elegant purple curtains.some purple flower paintings on the wall behind the bed make this room more beautiful. a hanging lamp that is just above the bed give the impression of elegance inthis room. window located on one side of the room to make room atmosphere becomemore bright. we also can see the view outside through this window.


2 Responses to “purple bedroom”

  1. Zulma February 20, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

    My daughter loves the picture of the color wall in the purple bebroom #4. What type of purple is that?

    • Bedroom Design February 21, 2011 at 7:46 am #

      Thank you for visiting my blog. at this time, there are many color choices. one color can have several types. So is the color purple. The color on purple bedroom 4 is very beautiful and pretty. I tried searching on the internet about what type of purple color in this example. I do this because I am not the designer of this room.
      Type this color is Royal purple. But this is a rather young royal purple. Hopefully, this answer can help you. thank you

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