shades of green

5 Jan
dark luxurious

dark luxurious

I am looking for a luxurious design drawing room and then I found this picture. there is afriend of mine who was confused because he wanted to design a room. I tried to helpmy friends with finding a room design drawings in accordance with her wishes. I knowthat my friend was like things elegant. I hope this image can also help those of you whowant to rearrange the room.
dominance of these rooms tend to be dark colors. blue on dark blue wall color was chosen. yellow green color blends at the ceiling and the floor is a light brown add to the impression of a classic. covers the light green looks very elegant. arrangement of thisroom looks very classic. two bedroom lights on right and left side of beds and a largewindow decorated with a curtain behind the bed add to the feel of intimacy to the room.
beautifull and modern

beautifull and modern

I found a picture of the rooms are very beautiful and modern. blend the colors are veryharmonious. blue wall, brown and blue curtains, bedcover which is a blend of black,blue, green, brown and white, color and carpet cushion covers add a harmony similarto this room. room design is very simple. not so much furniture in there, but the colorsare so harmonious blend makes this room still looks beautiful and modern impression.hopefully the picture I get room design is useful for you.
nice bedroom

nice bedroom

I found a picture of the rooms are very simple design but still looks beautiful. Window curtain decorated with chocolate on one side of the wall makes the room look beautiful. the existence of this window also make the room feel bright and fresh looking. a white ball-shaped lamp adds a modern feel. some paintings on the walls make this room look more dynamic. berwarnna white mattresses, pillows white and brown, blue and green bedcovers are very harmonious color combinations. a light brown carpet add to the sweetness of this room. hopefully the picture I get room design is useful for readers who like to design a bedroom.


pleasant room

pleasant room

Have a bright and sunny room is fun. we can feel passionate about seeing the brightcolors. as well as the design of this room. I get a few moments ago. color thatdominates this room is light green and light brown. bookshelves, a desk study andcovers are placed corner room make this room seem spacious.
covers a very harmonious blend brown with a brown color that dominates this room.cream-colored walls that add to the impression of light to the room. cabinets andcarpet are very compatible greenish brown color collide with another. window was also added to the brightness of this room because the light becomes easy entry. a lampthat hangs just above the bed adds a modern impression of this room.

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