artistic bedroom

4 Jan
classic bedroom

classic bedroom

I found a nice room design drawings. Initially I felt confused because I want to redesign my bedroom. I’m tired of the old room atmosphere that is not artistic. hopefully the picture that I found it also can provide inspiration for those of you who are want to rearrange the room. all these rooms are very artistic furniture ranging from beds, cupboards, desks, until, his chair. brown color looks beautiful. bedcovernya white chocolate blended with pillow color progressively increased ancient and artistic impression. two bed lamp on the right side and left the bed to grow a very harmonious atmosphere. two paintings on the walls, flower arrangements, as well as room lighting adds a very classic antique room.



fresh nuances

fresh nuances

there may be among the readers who liked the room with little furniture so the room seem more spacious. I think the new design drawing room alone I’m looking for is in line with your character.
This beautiful room with a dominance of pink, white and blue. ketia blend this color looks very compatible and harmonious. not much furniture in it so the room seem spacious. blue wall on one side of the wall raises fresh atmosphere in this room. he looks like the sky on a sunny weather. coupled with a patterned bedcover tree drawings, the walls are also pictures of trees add a fresh impression of this room.



classic bedroom

classic bedroom

This room looks very comfortable to live. artistic impression we also get from this room. This room located on the top floor of the house so her bedroom ceiling looks triangular. painting with shades of 800s that are on one side of the wall adds a classic room.
Bedcover is a combination of light blue and white colors are very compatible with other furniture. floor, table, and table lamps to sleep beside the bed, dark brown add artistic impression. a cream-colored chair in the corner of the room and facing toward the bed rooms add a graceful design that I got this.


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