elegant bedroom

3 Jan

a room is not necessarily bright. sometimes we need to design our rooms with soft colors to foster an atmosphere of intimacy in this most private space.
for readers who are feeling confused design rooms, the drawing room I found this to be an inspiration to you.
red color that dominates this room lead to the nuances of intimacy and romance. bedcovers and pillow is a mix of white and red. This adds harmony rooms. some paintings on the walls, ornamental plants located at the corner of the room and bedroom lights shone into the left wall of this room add to the exotic.

intimate bedroom

intimate bedroom

maybe this time the reader is feeling bored with the dull atmosphere of his room and wanted to change the arrangement of his room. paint your old bedroom wall might make you not excited because the color may not give a new spirit.
Today, I am trying to find a nice room design and can make the owner feel excited by the atmosphere of his room. maybe this picture I was looking to provide inspiration to readers.
This room is dominated by the color of Orage. very bright is not it? Our spirit can be increased with a color that is very charming. bedcovernya blend of red, orange and purple with stripes motif. a painting on the wall located next to the bed add to the atmosphere of this room look more bright and fresh.

bright bedroom

bright bedroom

I found a picture of the rooms are very elegant design. design of this room designed by Luciano Dalmonego. all the furniture in the room is very elegant. color selection is very fit and paint his room shiny like water. berwarana yellow curtain that hung faintly pink on one side of the wall of this room add to the exotic. two replicas of deer as well as a dry crop in place there to make this room looks very comfortable to live.
hopefully drawing room design is useful for the reader.

exotic bedroom

exotic bedroom


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